Experiential and Applied Learning Record

Experiential and Applied Learning Record (the Record)

IUPUI has a rich history in experiential and applied learning. Through numerous experiential, applied, integrative, and engaged learning experiences in both credit-bearing and co-curricular settings, IUPUI students learn how to communicate information and complex ideas, develop innovative solutions to real-world problems, and embrace civic engagement and service in partnership with their local and global community. Examples of current experiences approved for the Record include Honors College students providing English or basic dental instruction in Costa Rica, business students working with Delta Faucet to develop a marketing plan, service scholars tutoring high school students, multiple internship experiences, and many others. These real world experiences are now documented and verified by the campus. The Record will provide students and potential employers with a much-needed verification of experiences and overall, assessed student learning while also providing students with a better tool to articulate their learning.

Student Information

IUPUI students are able to download documentation of these experiences across seven achievement categories (Global Engagement, Service, Leadership, Research, Diversity, Internships/Career Development, and Creative Expression).  All of the approved experiences documented on a student’s Record have undergone a formal and rigorous assessment process to ensure their high impact fidelity.

Please note: If you do not have a Record or your Record does not include all of your experiences, the experience(s) have not been submitted or approved. Speak with your program director or instructor and encourage them to submit the experience(s) for consideration.